The Florida Keys

Sunset at IslamoradaI love the Keys. In fact, I had the pleasure of living in Key West for 6 years in the ’90s. The Keys, for those who don’t know, are a long chain of islands extending out into the Atlantic south of Miami and Fort Myers in Florida. The chain of islands is connected by the “Overseas Highway” or US-1 which starts at the heart of downtown Key West and passes through the islands up the east coast to Ft. Kent, Maine.Пеликаны

“Islands” is really a misnomer for the Keys. In most cases, they are just dead coral reef growth with Mangrove trees making up the bulk of the “Island”. In many cases, a given island might just be a block of coral and mangrove with a cement road running down the middle. Of course there are tons of resources that describe the Keys.

This trip involves me traveling to Key Largo and Taveriner to train. One of the great things about the keys are the sunsets. Its almost a religion in the Keys. Every visitor has to take in sunset at least once. So one of my goals for this trip was to capture a sunset.

With a threat of rain all week (normal for the Keys) I was hoping to get a decent sunset. The problem would be finding a location to shoot from. I decided to eat dinner at the Islamorada Fish Company which is on Florida Bay aide of the keys. Great choice, they had a nice palm tree laden micro-beach with a couple of boat docks and tiki-torches to view sunset from.

With around 100 people milling around, getting a shot with just the landscape was going to be impossible. But as the sun headed for a mangrove island on the horizon, we were treated to a lovely sunset.

Right until the sun’s disc neared the horizon.

A build up of clouds at the horizon filtered the sun’s light to a point where it was a faint orange circle. Many people were disappointed at not seeing the final act but overall it was a wonderful experience.

Welcome to The Travelling Photographer

Travel has become somewhat second nature to me recently. My “day-job” as a Product Trainer has me traveling to various cities across the United States fairly

As such I’ve gotten pretty comfortable moving through the US airline system, at least until May when many states will fail to meet the federal RealID system, of which North Carolina is one that may not comply, which could bring my travels to a screeching shot until I can get a passport. (Update, NC got their extension in. I’m good so far!)

“What you don’t have a passport?” My travel has been limited to the US and occasionally Canada and I’ve not needed to go to Canada since passports have been required.

I also pack my camera along with me. As you can from my web site, photography is a bit of a passion. I like to get shots from each city that I visit and share them with the internet community. Sometimes they will be arty, other times more traditional works.

So hopefully this blog will involve into antidotes from the road to go along with the photos and their discussions as well as give you plenty of ample opportunity to “discuss” the merits of traveling through the US travel system.