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Travel has become somewhat second nature to me recently. My “day-job” as a Product Trainer has me traveling to various cities across the United States fairly frequently.trevordiy.wordpress.com

As such I’ve gotten pretty comfortable moving through the US airline system, at least until May when many states will fail to meet the federal RealID system, of which North Carolina is one that may not comply, which could bring my travels to a screeching shot until I can get a passport. (Update, NC got their extension in. I’m good so far!)

“What you don’t have a passport?” My travel has been limited to the US and occasionally Canada and I’ve not needed to go to Canada since passports have been required.

I also pack my camera along with me. As you can from my web site, photography is a bit of a passion. I like to get shots from each city that I visit and share them with the internet community. Sometimes they will be arty, other times more traditional works.

So hopefully this blog will involve into antidotes from the road to go along with the photos and their discussions as well as give you plenty of ample opportunity to “discuss” the merits of traveling through the US travel system.

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