Oh How I Hate Me!!!

Let me count the ways….http://rpk-tramplin.ru

Okay, I’m thinking Hate isn’t the right word. Perhaps Loath is a better choice.

Way #1

You see, I’ve been traveling a lot for business. That means most of my shooting time is at night and night photography benefits significantly from a tripod. My big aluminum Bogen with a nice ball head is a pain to travel with when I fly. So I’ve gotten pretty good with makeshift bean-bags. But here is my driving trip to Myrtle Beach and what did I do? I left the the tripod at home….. Doh!

Way #2

Murphy’s Law is in effect. Every time I don’t take my camera on a trip, I regret not having it with the exception of my last trip to Buffalo which I didn’t miss my camera. (Sorry friends in Buffalo, if you get my drift). So I have my camera on this trip and I’m looking forward to getting some good shots. In fact tonight at dinner, I saw some really good “Night Photography” opportunities.

So as I’m walking trough “Broadway at the Beach”, the huge monolithic tourist trap complete with a Hard Rock Cafe, and a KISS themed coffee shot, I’m saying to myself . . . “Man, I should have brought the camera. But don’t worry, I’ll come back, the lights are not going away.” It was at this time I realized that I forgot the tripod!!!!

I had a fantastic dinner at the Key West Grill. A reasonably Conch Republic themed restaurant that isn’t part of a chain. As I was paying my bill and getting ready to leave, some rather odd lights caught my eye.

Across the street (and coincidently two buildings down from my hotel) is a minor league baseball field and they happened to have a home game tonight.

It was Fireworks night.

Photographically, fireworks are fun to photograph, but there are a million photos of red and green bursts, some quite nice. But like Sunsets, the fireworks themselves doesn’t make for a strong photograph. You need something to give them a frame of reference. In the case of sunsets, there should be something, a tree, person, building that is silhouetted by the setting sun making them the subject and the sunset the setting. Fireworks are the same. Bursts of colorized burning pyrotechnics against a black sky is well boring, cliche and over done. But put something in the foreground, a statue, a building, a person and your off to creating a wonderful piece of art.

Well as I started walking back to the car there it was. A well lit, attractive foreground with the fireworks providing a beautiful background. The photo would have been perfect. It would have spiraled to #1 on Flickr Explore. It would have sold multiple times to various stock houses. I would have made enough to get my Nikon D3.

Would have.

No camera. No Tripod. And the event will not repeat while I’m here.

Oh How I Hate Me!

Note: Yep, there is no photo with this post because I forgot my camera!!!!!


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