Travelling back in time….

Camaro, originally uploaded by Miracle Man.

Travel doesn’t always mean going on the road. Sometimes a quick jaunt to an empty parking deck can let you travel through time.

Sort of.

Our local group of photographers who share Flickr as our communications recently got together to photograph a vintage Chevy Camaro. We also had a modern Ford Mustang and a couple of cool motorcycles.

A date was set. We would use the top of a local public parking deck. Of course, several of us photographers have a habit of wanting to photograph models (of the Human) variety alot. So the question was posed . . . “Can we bring models?” The answer was yes.

What could be better than Muscle cars? Muscle cars with bikini wearing models.

We had a good showing of photographers along with two models, Becca and Laruen and a local makeup artist, Joanne Crowder.

The shoot started at 4pm but the models were not scheduled in for another hour, so we took our shots, but you could tell, everyone was really waiting on the models.

Becca was the first to arrive and within a few minutes, the Mustang never looked better. By the time we finished up with the Mustang and started moving Becca to the Harley Davidson softtail, Lauren showed up and was getting her makeup done.

Both models made it to the Harley. Then it was the Camaro’s turn. Eventually Becca had to go and we were left with Lauren to finish out the shoot with the sun setting in the background.

When I was looking at the photo above, it looked pretty good right out of the camera. Nice well balanced colors, good saturation, etc. In fact I felt it looked too good. Our modern Digital SLR cameras are tuned to give us sharp, bright, colorful photos. But sometimes its best to have a photo that doesn’t look all new and shiney.

So I decided to take this 40 year old car back to the late 60’s via a little Photoshop wizardry. First, I desaturated the colors about 25% to make it look like a faded photo.

Color prints from the late 60’s were printed on a paper that tends to redshift over time. So using the Level’s tool, while only working on the Red channel, I shifted the mid tones to give it a reddish look. Not satisfied, I visited the green and blue channels making minor tweeks until I was satisfied with the look.

So lets take a trip to 1968…….

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