I shall NOT be defeated….

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Okay, so I hate myself for not taking my camera. But you know, I can do some cool things with Photoshop. But first let me say…..

As a professional photojournalist, what I did above is very unethical. This is not a photo, but a photo illustration. I would never attempt to pass this off as real. Disclaimed. I can now live with myself.

The photo scene is a mash up of three photos. The foreground photo, with the fountain, the statues playing in the water, fence was shot the night after the fireworks at Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach, SC

The two fireworks shots are older shots which can be found in my Flickr photostream. Here are the two photos.

The two fireworks source photos.

The photos were added as separate layers on top of the original and placed to where they looked natural. Then using the eraser tool, I erased the edges so they blended in and opened holes to let the fountain and such so through.

So, its kinda what I saw, just a day later!!!

The point of this exercise through isn’t the act of making something in photoshop or making up for my forgetting the camera.  I did this to illustrate my previous comments about fireworks being boring unless they are anchored somewhere.

Looking at the two source photos, they are themselves okay as far as fireworks photos go, but they are nothing to write home about, but looking at the mashup with a foreground subject the photo is much more attractive

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