The Beach Bikini Bash

Sunshine Girl, originally uploaded by Miracle Man.

This weekend, save offending a few family members was one of the best photo events I’ve participated in…

The Holden Beach Bikini Bash!movie The Founder 2016

The concept was simple, with another photographer, makeup artist and hair stylist, go to the beach, bring a few bikini models along and shoot shoot shoot.

This summer, my wife’s family has rented a beach house at Holden Beach and I got the go ahead to shoot the first Sunday of the trip.

Makeup Artist Lollycat who I work a lot with recruited a great hair stylist to join me and fellow photographer Tom Winstead for the trip. We recruited several female modes and a male model. The plan was to shoot at various locations around Holden Beach.

The first call for makeup and hair was for 5am. New Model Sara, on her first shoot arrived the night before and the idea was to hit sunrise at 6:06. Well due to a late night before, and various reasons, we were a bit late getting to the beach. But that was okay. It gave Sara a chance to get some experience before the other models started to show up.

We had scheduled two shifts of models, a morning shift and an afternoon shift. One model couldn’t make it, but with four models we were still quite busy. I was surprised by the amount of downtime between actual shoots, but considering how tired we were at the end of the day, I’m glad we had them. We had planned to shoot until sunset, but we were too tired to make it.

We ended up with really good stuff and are already planning another trip.

Tom summed it up best “There are worse ways to spend a Sunday Afternoon!”.

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