Jungle Girl — Redux

Okay, so I’ve not been updating my blog lately.  I haven’t been travelling that much, but thats no excuse because I’ve still been shooting and well, this is a photography blog as well.  A thousand appologies.http://mensclub24.ru/

Today I present Jungle Girl, or at least the do-over of Jungle Girl.

I had previouslly booked Kate in July to do an after work shoot at a friend’s home.  His subdivision has a large natural arboritum that had all the characteristics I was looking for in regards to a shoot idea I had.  I needed a brook or creek, a fern bed, some fallen trees, etc.

I had seen a photo on Model Mayhem of what appeared to be a feral woman dressed in rags that had apparently been cornered in her forest home.  I had been wanting to do an outdoor/woodsy shoot for some time, but the cliche bikini model in the waterfall shot was all that was coming to my little unimaginative brain.  But this woodland feral look or jungle girl had a lot of possiblities.  Kate liked the idea so we comparied schedules.  No weekend’s worked out, so we figured we would try it after work.

Well it took a lot longer to get to the site than we expected.  By the time we got the styling done and got to the woodland location we were shooting, we had less than an hour to shoot.  The forest canopy is incredibly thick and to get anything reasonable meant shooting at ISO 800 or above and even then I had to supplement the lighting with an off camera strobe through a softbox.

There were a few photos I felt okay about, but still the noise, the softness from the low shutter speeds and the unnatural lighting just disappointed me more and more every time I looked at them.  The solution was to admit I stank and see if Kate would humor me with a do-over.  Which she did.

This time, we scheduled the shoot for a Saturday mid-day time frame.  Her hair and makeup appointment started at 11am and we were basically shooting by 2pm.  We shot at the same location, so travel chewed into our shoot time again.  We also had to dodge a tropical storm.  Hanna was scheduled to hit Raleigh around 10am.  After watching the track, I figured by 2pm we would either be free of the storm or only have to dodge a few light rain showers.  The biggest concern for me was clouds.  Lack of light killed the last shoot and I needed lots of sun for this.

The main goal was to use a pair of refelctors to find sun peeking through the canopy and angle the light back in on the model.  No sun, no reflecting.

In addition to Jungle Girl, we added a colorul red formal dress, with plans to “Trash the dress” into the mix as well as a Rambo/GI Jane look as we had access to some military uniforms and a weapon.  A fun day was in store.

Being able to shoot in the ISO 100-400 range using natural light and reflectors produced some much more dramatic lighting and allowed for sharper, more colorful images.

What do you think?  Was the redux worth it?

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