Pimp’n out our gear….

The easiest way to freshen up our camera kit is to make a trip to the camera store and plop down some benjamin’s.   But some photographers are in the DIY (Do it Yourself) crowd.   The blog  Strobist is built around doing professional photography on the cheap.  Our local flickr group has a faction that follows the Strobist’s mission on a local level with frequent meetups that sometimes revolve around making cool things for our cameras.

In the past the group has made our own ring lights, gridded snoots out of chip board and straws and we love using gatorfoam for reflectors and flags.

But today, in a tweet, our own Indie_danielle found this cool blog to help style your gear.  This isn’t about function but more about form.  I thought it was worth a read.

Build your own Slipcover for your camera strap.  Maybe not the most “Dude” thing, but if your not so into black with gold writing or marroon with white writing announcing to the world what your shooting, you might want to consider looking into one of these.  It can even take the edge off of those hard straps that come in your camera kits.download full film The Wailing

Check it out!

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1 Light 4 Moods – Part 4

Bliss Rimlight, originally uploaded by Miracle Man.

The final installment in this series covers Rim Lighting. This lighting technique uses a light behind the subject so that the subject is “rimmed” by the light. You see this lighting used in the movies a lot where the director has the sun shining behind the actors to really explode the hair in the “sunset shots”. Photographers will use this to help separate the subject from the background.

Think of Rim lighting as using a single light that acts as a kicker and a hair light.. You typically set the light up behind the subject shooting straight at the camera. Set the light to be at least one stop more powerful than the key light, if not it won’t show up.

For this shot, I probably should have elevated the light a little higher and zoomed out a bit as I didn’t get a good “rim” on the top of her right shoulder or along her left arm. But there are nice highlights on her hair, profile of her face and along her right arm.

So you can see with using only one source light, its possible to create several dynamic images that have different moods too them. Using Distance, power, angle, and various modifiers, with one light you can create endless possibilities with your lighting.

The important thing is to experiment. Build time in your sessions to try experimental lighting. Get your main shots down then experiment, experiment and experiment to find what you like.

There are multiple groups and forums based on light weight lighting, Strobist is a great web site for learning about lighting.

1 Light 4 Moods – Part 3

Bliss Softlight, originally uploaded by Miracle Man.

For this photo, I had the flash shooting through a 33″ white translucent umbrella. I had the Nikon SB800 strobe light on manual 1/8th power and about 3 feet away from the model. When you only have one light, it pretty much is the main or “key” light. Most of the time, when your doing a portrait session, you want to go for a standard “broad” lighting setup.

Broad lighting is when the subject is pretty much looking at the light source. This illuminates a majority of the subjects face. Usually you pose a portrait with the head turned slightly to where you see about 3/4 of the face. When the light lights the 3/4’s part of the face, thats “Broad” lighting.

Another lighting style is called “short” lighting and this is where the subject looks away from the light and in the typical 3/4 pose, the 1/4th side of the face is illuminated with the key light.live streaming film Sausage Party

Another way of thinking about this is broad lighting lights the eye closest to the camera, short lighting lights the eye furthest from the camera.

Usually you start portraits with the lights at 45 degrees to either side of the camera and 30-45 degrees above the subject. This is great portrait lights, but its not very creative. Its great to start there and get a few safe shots done, but you should consider moving the lights and break the rules. However a few concepts should be kept in mind.

Its all about the eyes. If your subject’s eyes are going to be open, having a strong set of “catch lights” or the reflections of your key light in the subject’s eyes is critical to pulling the viewer in. Also eyes lost in the shadows of the eye sockets are generally unattractive (unless your shooting horror shots!) so getting light into the eyes is something you should always be conscience of .

But for this photo session, we were going for a “Film Noir” look. Film Noir, is a lighting style seen in the 1940’s and besides being black and white, its characterized by strong side lighting. I didn’t want the spotlight effect as used in the two previous articles. I wanted a softer light for this shot, but with enough directionality to give some hard edges.

I set the light’s height almost level with the model and directly right of her. A shoot through umbrella acts like a round softbox giving a soft feathered light that helps wrap around avoiding hard shadows. However, since an umbrella is curved it also has the effect of “spilling” light in nearly a 180 degree radius. So this setup, put enough light on the background to give me a reasonably smooth background gradient as well.

Of course with the light this far to the side of the camera, there is risk of lens flare as the light on the near side of the umbrella is firing at the camera. Depending on power, you might have to “flag off” or block the light coming towards the camera. Between the Nikon D200 only using part of the lens’ coverage circle and having the lens hood on, I avoided any flare in the photo.

I set the exposure on the camera to avoid any blowouts in the white. Final tonal adjustments were made in Photoshop to equalize the range between black and white. But with the hot side lights and enough feathering her body, we get this mysterious yet soft photo.

The one regret. No one smokes (and our house is smoke free where this is shot), so no cigarette in the holder. Had there been one with a small puff of smoke, I think I would have used this photo for the Raleigh Flickr Group’s Summer Project. instead of the one in the first post.

Next up, Rim Lighting.

1 Light 4 Moods – Part 2

<a href="http://www.flickr .com/photos/miracle_man/2837983348/”>Bliss Spotlight, originally uploaded by Miracle Man.

In the previous post, I discussed the importance of getting the light off camera. I also discussed light modifiers. In the photo in the first post, I used a single SB800 through a home-made snoot.

A snoot’s job is to keep light from spilling outside of a certain area. This focuses the light in a tight pattern. There are several modifiers useful for restricting light. The simplest is a “flag”, usually a dark cloth or board used to block light from an area. A standard reflector, a piece of foam core will do the trick. Another light restricting modifier is “Barn Doors”. Its look a snoot, except that it can be opened on any of 4 sides to let light out.

An extension of a snoot and barndoor is the grid. With Barn doors there is still a lot of light rays that bounce around and create larger areas of light. Snoots focus the light down, but again, the light can come out at different angles. A grid helps focus the light rays down to very parallel beams giving a very tight spot light.

So using some masking tape and a rice box, I built a snoot for my SB800. Its a shorter snoot, about 3 inches, which gives me some focus. Its possible to build longer ones, say in the 8 inch range which will give you a very narrow beam. My 3 inch version produces a good bust size beam when the light is about 3-4 feet away from the subject.

For this photo of Bliss, I wanted some spill on the background. Since I don’t have barn doors, I removed the snoot and just changed the direction the SB800 was pointing. It was set for a 105mm zoom and was positioned about 3 feet directly right of the model (camera left) creating the hard shadows characteristic of Film Noir. The spill on the background is also characteristic of this period of photography. The first photo in the previous post isn’t traditional film Noir, but just using a single light as a kicker.

Both shots are shot with a middle gray background. For the first shot, the model was pulled off the background a little more to allow it to go very black as very little light was falling on it. For the second shot, I moved her closer so both her and the background would be caught in the single burst of light.

Coming next, the shoot through umbrella shot.

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The Struggle

The Struggle, originally uploaded by Miracle Man.

Okay, I’ve been a bum when it comes to posting to this blog but I’ve had an interesting last 6 months.

Early in July, I was approached at work to take on a pretty important and project: manage a web redesign for the a very visible division of the parent company I work for. I also had the pleasure of doing the heavy lifting on the code. After 3 months of 13 hour days, I’m just now returning to something that represents normality.

I managed to get a few model shoots in, but for this particular shoot with Brittani, the model, and I had been wanting to shoot, but I had no idea what to do. When you work 13 hours a day it drains your creativity… your energy…. and your desire.

I tossed about an idea for doing a shoot that was kind of urban waif, homeless girl look. She liked the idea. The next problem I had to overcome now that I had a theme was where to shoot it.

While working with the stylist on the ideas, she told me she had the perfect place and with styling and a location in place we had a shoot.

Prior to the shoot, we met at the stylists house. Brittany was already there and working on wardrobe ideas. Once I arrived we settled on a pair of old jeans and a sweater that could be sacrificed.

The jeans were ripped in select places, frayed in others, and some pure bleach poured in and allowed to soak a bit gave us some uneven colors.

The sweater top had the neckline cut out, the sleeve edges cut and frayed and various strings of yarn were pulled out to rag up the sweater as much as possible.

Once hair and makeup was done, we drove about a mile to the location, an abandoned mobile home on a small farm. We started out on the front porch and moved to various locations. The above photo was one of the early shots on the porch. The tones in the door and wall are similar to those in the jeans and sweater making for a pleasing color palette.

The photo was finished in Photoshop using some free actions available on the Internet.

The lighting on the photo is natural light with a reflector camera left providing some fill.

Now that my big project is over, my mind is now in overdrive on ideas. I just have to find time to shoot.