The Struggle

The Struggle, originally uploaded by Miracle Man.

Okay, I’ve been a bum when it comes to posting to this blog but I’ve had an interesting last 6 months.

Early in July, I was approached at work to take on a pretty important and project: manage a web redesign for the a very visible division of the parent company I work for. I also had the pleasure of doing the heavy lifting on the code. After 3 months of 13 hour days, I’m just now returning to something that represents normality.

I managed to get a few model shoots in, but for this particular shoot with Brittani, the model, and I had been wanting to shoot, but I had no idea what to do. When you work 13 hours a day it drains your creativity… your energy…. and your desire.

I tossed about an idea for doing a shoot that was kind of urban waif, homeless girl look. She liked the idea. The next problem I had to overcome now that I had a theme was where to shoot it.

While working with the stylist on the ideas, she told me she had the perfect place and with styling and a location in place we had a shoot.

Prior to the shoot, we met at the stylists house. Brittany was already there and working on wardrobe ideas. Once I arrived we settled on a pair of old jeans and a sweater that could be sacrificed.

The jeans were ripped in select places, frayed in others, and some pure bleach poured in and allowed to soak a bit gave us some uneven colors.

The sweater top had the neckline cut out, the sleeve edges cut and frayed and various strings of yarn were pulled out to rag up the sweater as much as possible.

Once hair and makeup was done, we drove about a mile to the location, an abandoned mobile home on a small farm. We started out on the front porch and moved to various locations. The above photo was one of the early shots on the porch. The tones in the door and wall are similar to those in the jeans and sweater making for a pleasing color palette.

The photo was finished in Photoshop using some free actions available on the Internet.

The lighting on the photo is natural light with a reflector camera left providing some fill.

Now that my big project is over, my mind is now in overdrive on ideas. I just have to find time to shoot.

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