Pimp’n out our gear….

The easiest way to freshen up our camera kit is to make a trip to the camera store and plop down some benjamin’s.   But some photographers are in the DIY (Do it Yourself) crowd.   The blog  Strobist is built around doing professional photography on the cheap.  Our local flickr group has a faction that follows the Strobist’s mission on a local level with frequent meetups that sometimes revolve around making cool things for our cameras.

In the past the group has made our own ring lights, gridded snoots out of chip board and straws and we love using gatorfoam for reflectors and flags.

But today, in a tweet, our own Indie_danielle found this cool blog to help style your gear.  This isn’t about function but more about form.  I thought it was worth a read.

Build your own Slipcover for your camera strap.  Maybe not the most “Dude” thing, but if your not so into black with gold writing or marroon with white writing announcing to the world what your shooting, you might want to consider looking into one of these.  It can even take the edge off of those hard straps that come in your camera kits.download full film The Wailing

Check it out!

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