Tacoma Glass Bridge — Glass Art

Your friendly traveling photographer is actually traveling again. My travels this week brings me to Tacoma, Washington. As it has it, I’m here for the weekend and the weather is cooperating so I got a chance to get out and shoot this morning.

The Raleigh Flickr Group coincidentally started a new project today for Saturday Walk Abouts. So this is my contribution to the project.

I expected to get some buildings, macro shots, and some waterfront shots (which I got), but to my surprise, I ran into some beautiful glass artwork.

My hotel is near the “Museum District” and one museum is the Tacoma Glass museum. To get to the museum from my hotel requires crossing a freeway and a train yard. A bridge known as “The Glass Bridge” leads pedestrians from the Museum of Washington History and the Federal Court House to the Glass Museum and the Waterfront.

I wasn’t impressed too much. A lot of concrete and steel lay before me as I trekked out. Two large sculptures of what looks like Rock Candy but made out of glass stand as tower guards to the bridge entrance.

“So much for a glass bridge”. I expected it to have a glass floor or something. But to my surprise, one side of the bridge held a wall that was large bookcase like shelves holding colorful and very creative works of glass art. The other side was a somewhat solid but reflective surface.

Tacoma Glass Bridge - A Self Portrait

Each box that held a piece of art was enclosed on either side by glass. The outside glass had seen some serious weathering and accumulation of road dirt and grime to a point of it just being mostly translucent rather than transparent. The rising sun provided a fantastic back lighting causing the colors of the glass to explode.

I was shooting in Aperture Preferred mode, so I adjusted the EV of the camera to +1.0 and +2.0 depending on the sculpture with the idea of blowing out the background to near white levels (hiding what bits of the train tracks you could see through the glass).

I did not expect to go out and shoot things that looked like they were shot in a studio or to shoot abstracts. But it just goes to show you what you can find when you go on a little walk about.download full movie Grimsby

You can visit the whole set of photos from the Glass Bridge here…

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