Kentucky Derby Festival Vacation Trip — 10 Hours of Asphalt Away.

On the Road Again….

On the road again, I can’t wait to get on the road again…. — Willy Nelson

When I first conceived this site, I knew I wanted it to be photography related and being a sharer of information I knew it would eventually become more educational. At the time I was doing a lot of travel and it seemed that sharing my travel photos and odd stories from the road might be a nice niche.


Pilot Mountain, North Carolina

But with my work travel budget eaten up by the economy, travel has been rather limited lately, but today I start a nine-day adventure with my lovely wife Sherry. You see, she is from Louisville, Kentucky and its been years since we’ve been home. We moved away 15 years ago to live our “Grand Adventure”, but for someone who lived her entire life in “Lou-a-vul”, the last two weeks in April leading up to the first Saturday in May is a special time that is hard to rip away from some one.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Its the two weeks known as the Kentucky Derby Festival, the two week party that leads up to the ultimate day in thoroughbred horse racing, the Kentucky Derby.

When we first moved to Key West and our first Derby away from Kentucky rolled around in 1994, she was jonesin’ pretty bad and as such she put on one of the best parties I’ve ever attended. She took every main Derby event and made party games out of them, including using toy boats using the pool’s water jets to race them to home-made hobby horses and a track made around the pool. But from there, this week just disappeared into a longing.

For the past 9 years or so our boys were involved in some hockey tournament the 1st Saturday in May or tryouts or some other event important to their lives. Each year, Sherry would say “I would like to go home for the Derby” and each year, we couldn’t make it. Even this year, Chris has a hockey tryout Derby day in Virginia. However, now that he’s 18, we don’t need to be there. So we headed out this morning on a ten hour drive to Louisville.

Its a pretty time of year to travel. As you turn north above Winston-Salem heading towards the Virginia’s, you catch the first glimpse of Pilot Mountain, an odd shaped rock standing high above the horizon of other rolling hills. Pastoral farms with rich green grass and white picket fences along with lakes surrounded by budding dogwoods are a treasure for the eyes. As you pass into Virginia the trees are starting to green and their light yellow-green colors contrast the pines and firs dark green color. But as you look up the growing hills and small mountains, you see where its still a little too cold for spring to have arrived as the those trees are still a bud.

Its amazing to see how changes in latitude affect the landscape as fully into Virginia the trees are still not green, their wintered grey twisted branches reaching for what sun and warmth they can find. Red budded tips ready to explode.

It was a fine day for a road trip. We arrived into Louisville in time to pick up some “Sliders” from White Castle and spend dinner with Sherry’s family and then we headed out to the Great Balloon Glow.

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