Derby Week Day 2 — Family Time

Today was filled with frustration, though we did have some

Today was to be “The Great Balloon Race”. The alarm went off at 6:00am. We actually got to “sleep in” since we were not going to the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center to watch the takeoff, but instead going to wait along the projected path to chase the balloons to their destination. Mother Nature scrubbed the race due to high winds. A second attempt later in the day would also be scrubbed as the winds did not abate.

Instead of going back to sleep like sane people would, in particular after having stayed up late the night before following the Balloon Glow, we enjoyed breakfast with my wife’s family. Sherry instead decided that we needed to go shopping to try and find our “Derby Shirts”.

So we headed out to the Mall at St. Matthews to find a “Taste of Kentucky” store. Along the way we passed a “Yard Sale” though a big sign said it was a “Honey Moon Fundraiser”. While I can’t disclose what we got, since they are gifts, we scored big on two gifts, one at the yard sale and another at the mall. We also found a “Sheldon Shirt Folder”, the same shirt folder that Sheldon uses on “Big Bang Theory” a CBS sit-com.

We felt the day was off to a good start.

We returned home to the sounds of kids as two of her nephews and a niece had arrived to visit. Today ended up being family day more than Derby event day. She also got to spend some time with another niece as well.

I did some nature photography around the yard and spent some time getting pics of the kids. All and all, it was a fairly light day. But the frustrations continued as we found out the afternoon race had been scrubbed.

Earlier while at the “Taste of Kentucky” store, I saw a photo of the Louisville skyline. The last time we were here a few years ago, I tried to get a good shot, but the weather wasn’t cooperating, but today was a beautiful day.

After dinner, Sherry and I headed out to try and find the Derby shirts we wanted. We stopped at Mejier’s and the Liquor Barn, two of the event sponsors and had no luck finding the shirts we wanted.

We trucked down town to a small Clarksville Indiana park on the riverfront and worked on the skyline until I had something I liked. We stopped by Walmart in a last ditch effort for the day to find the shirts — FAIL.

All and all, it was a good day to spend time with the family and we landed two really good gifts. So through the frustrations, it was a successful day.

Tomorrow, we go hunting horses and spend time with my family.

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