Welcome to the Redesigned robmiracle.com

Louisville, Kentucky SkylineWell I’ve done it again. I’ve changed the look of http://www.robmiracle.com.

This is too easy to do if you use a content management system like WordPress. For those who haven’t experienced WordPress as a tool, it was primarily designed for blogging, so many of the themes have a blog feel to them, but some creative people have created other themes that are a bit more content based, called magazine type themes. We are in the progress of learning the ins and outs of this type of theme.

As such you may not see photos on each article’s deal page. The photos are there, WordPress just isn’t finding them. This theme needs to have photos uploaded. However I will add in the HTML code or use Flickr’s “blog” button and theme doesn’t detect photos added that way.

The new site has my new branding, much like what you would see if you visited my Twitter Account.

It also lets me pick several posts to “feature” so that you can have access to recent tutorials in addition to stories and other features of the site.

I hope you enjoy the changes.


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