Raleigh’s Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure


Finding a Cure

Breast Cancer strikes way too many people. It’s always traumatic. Too frequently it is fatal. Each year, many communities organize a 5K “Race for the Cure” in support of the Susan G. Koman for the Cure Foundation.

The Komen NC Triangle’s event, in its 13th year has raised over $10 million. This year over 22,000 people ran or walked the 5 kilometer event (3 miles) as the racers departed Meredith College on Hillsborough Street and wound past NC State University in their path to return to Meredith.

Finding a Needle in a Haystack

My wife’s boss has been raising money for this event for several months including holding bake sales at her office and my wife has gotten involved as well. Well today was the day for the walk and my wife wanted to go to the race to support the team walking from her office, which included her boss and several co-workers. She wanted me to photograph them as they were walking.

The two people I needed to find, Hope and Marie
The two people I needed to find, Hope and Marie

We found a great place to park just off of Dan Allen Drive a half a block from Hillsborough just past the 1K marker. It was a great place to shoot. The light was good, we were in the cool shade while we waited. A wonderful police officer with the City of Raleigh was telling us what to expect as we waited on the group of recreational walkers and runners. The competitive division ran earlier in the day.

“This won’t be too bad” we thought. By the 1K mark, the group would be spread out and it would be easy to find people. Then came the “Sea of Humanity” as a group of nearly 20,000 people filled the street. I had to find two people in a pack of 20K and try to get their photo. Twenty thousand came and went and I didn’t have my quarry.

We did meet up with the parents and sister of one of my son’s ex-hockey teammates. They stopped their walk long enough to catch up with us. It was truly nice to see them.

But I didn’t have the photos I needed. So with the help of the police officer we learned where the return to campus turn back on to Hillsborough street would be. We hopped in our car, wound our way back towards Meredith and found another great parking spot, pretty much right on Hillsboro, less than 100 yards away from the finish line.

So we went right up to the yellow “Do Not Cross” tape, standing in the middle of Hillsborough street, waiting for the now narrower and more spread out crowd to find my wife’s co-workers.

While we waited, our next door neighbor passed us as she finished the race. Another hockey mom passed by waving. Then to surprise, a couple who we used to work with, and good friends that we have not seen in a couple of years found us as they finished their walk. I’m finding everyone but who I need. Another wonderful conversation later and they were on the way to the finish line.

Then “bam” out of no where, there was Hope and Marie. They spotted us about the same time and started waving to us before I could get some photos pre-wave. Shots in the can. We had found our two needles and several more.

It was good to see so many in our community coming out to support a great cause.

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  1. This was good. I feel like I know a role model celebrity. However, you always do the right thing. Maybe that’s why I love you so much. Miss seeing you.

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