I Heart Faces – Feet Week Submission

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Though I can’t win, I thought I would share!
Feet in the Surf

Shot of my wife several years ago while on a family vacation in Hilton Head.

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  1. Jul 20th 9:54pm

    Wow! Incredible shot! Its so magical!!


  2. Jul 20th 10:13pm

    Oh wow! I love this!! The processing is fab!

  3. Jul 21st 8:20am

    I love how you captured the waves….looks like wispy cotton candy. I’m assuming you used a slow shutter speed? Very, very cool!

  4. Susan
    Jul 21st 6:16pm

    Very Nice!

  5. Jul 22nd 7:34am

    Oh I love the motion! I think yours is the only photo I’ve run across this week with motion…wonderful!

  6. Jul 22nd 5:22pm

    What a cool feet shot! 🙂 I love it!

  7. Jul 23rd 8:43am


  8. Jul 23rd 12:12pm

    That is so cool… it almost looks more like a windstorm than water. Ethereal… ! (and.. it makes me think of what Jesus’ feet looked like when He walked on water…)

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