Pardon our Dust!!!

It seems like just a few months ago that I reskinned the website, looking to bring you the reader a better experience. While I liked the new look, its performance wasn’t very good.Экономика теплого контура

I was also struggling with what this website should be about. When was created, its sole purpose was to give me a personal email account. I had for my photo business. I had for software related projects. I even had a dedicated wedding site, But we sold the business, we let go, keeping as a permanent email address.

What to do with the website? Its seen a lot of different purposes but its always acted as a portfolio site. A while back I installed WordPress and decided to make it a photo blog, with the them about discussing the photography while I was traveling. Then the recession hit and I’m not traveling any longer.

The blog posts evolved into a lot of tutorials on photoshop and other photo topics and I hope to continue to do that for you, but I was bugged by the performance and it still did not say who I was. So I considered making it a resume site, but some friends said, don’t confuse people with too many different things. This hit me and I decided that hence forth the main site will be portfolio driven to cover one topic, photography.

There will be a blog, but the landing page will now be about photos. The site is still driven by WordPress and its a custom built template from the ground up, so it will also show off my programmer side.

I hope you enjoy the new site and be patient while I finish out the design.


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  1. Aug 11th 7:47pm

    I am so impressed with what you have done, what you can do and what is yet to be!!!

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