Learning the Adobe Photoshop “Patch” tool – Video Tutorial

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In this post, I’m going to experiment with a new way of delivering tutorials to you … Video.

I like the screen shot and text method to explain things. It gives you something you could print if necessary or have open in another window to go at your own pace. However there are some tutorials that involve movement that don’t work well on a fixed web page. This particular tutorial is one of those.

I discovered the Patch tool in Adobe Photoshop via another video tutorial and I thought it solved a problem in such a great way, I wanted to share it with you, but you really need video for it. So without further ado.

Let me know what you think about this format.

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  1. Lori
    Aug 14th 7:12pm

    Very Nice Rob. I love it and this is the best way I learn. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your wisdom with your skills.

  2. Aug 14th 8:01pm

    Thanks for the video! That is the technique i had used to remove the circles from under Paige’s eyes – the photo that I had cropped.
    You did I wonderful job on the video!

  3. Aug 15th 7:41am

    Really nice job Rob – I will be using this tip for sure.

  4. Aug 15th 8:01pm

    cleanly done, to the point, good sound.. all good,Rob. You almost illustrated why not to get too close to hard edges or radically different tone/color areas, when patching.. might have been good to include one “mistake” to illustrate “why not”. Otherwise, since you’re using it well, I’d say the video format makes tutorials easier for the reader/viewer to grasp and follow, and may, therefore, bring more traffic. Having them show up on YouTube searches will likely help, some, too?

  5. Aug 24th 12:05am

    Thank You for the video! That is a wonderful tool that I am going to try working with tonight. It seems like a great time saver!

  6. Nov 10th 12:23pm

    I use Adobe Photoshop on my Webpage making business at home. Photoshop got all the features i need to make some really great graphics and banners. !

  7. Nov 19th 7:08am

    Adobe Photoshop is my favorite photo editing software and also Paint Shop Pro. Adobe photoshop has more useful features compared to other photo editing softwares.

  8. Jan 11th 11:38am

    I run a small photo studio and i also work as a web designer and Adobe Photoshop has been the bread and butter of my job. Photoshop is really the best photo editing tool that i have ever used.

  9. gambling feel
    Mar 10th 6:10am

    the tutorial on the patch tools in Adobe Photoshop. The video shows here gives more information about the tools. Thanks to share it.

  10. Alona Sparkman
    Apr 27th 11:06am

    Adobe Photoshop is simply the best photo editing tool on the market. I often use it a lot on my photo studio and also in webpage design

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