Purple Haze — Photographing a Model

Purple Haze, originally uploaded by Miracle Man.

Okay I photograph a lot of models. But every once in a while things fall together and magic happens.

The model contacted me about a vampire shoot that I ended up not shooting, but we still wanted to shoot. We set a date and knew everything would be outdoors. I had to find a makeup artist to make her rock.

Earlier in the week I had no idea where I was going to shoot Lorena. I was to a point of starting to panic. But a chance posting on a flickr group asking for someone to help hold reflectors at another shoot provided me my inspiration. She was shooting at Yates Mill Pond. Yates Mill Pond! What a great spot to shoot. All the pieces were in place.

I had styling, a model, assistants, a great location. Now I needed one other piece to fall into place…. the weather. What a wonderful day Sunday, November 8th turned out to be in Raleigh. Post shoot I’ve flagged 25% of the photos as keepers. It was a wonderful session.

As we headed to shoot the last look, Tom, a photographer shooting with me spotted these misty light purple/periwinkle bush/flowers. Tom asked “How about there?” I said “Sure”. With the use of a scrim (a transluscent light reducer / diffuser) between the model and the sun I squeezed off this photo. Other than some minor tone adjustments, no Photoshop mischief was used in this photo. No textures. No tricks.

I’m a happy photographer!

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  1. topsurf
    Nov 9th 4:34am

    This is a great shot. Don’t you just love when all the pieces of the puzzle fall right into place.

  2. Nov 23rd 4:41pm

    A great find and a wonderful photograph!!!

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