Birds of Prey from the American Wildlife Refuge.

Its a Bird! Its a Plane! No. Its a Bird! Actually six birds.


The American Wildlife Refuge, a non-profit wild bird-of-prey rescue organization in Raleigh, North Carolina had a variety of their Educational Birds on display at Wild Birds Unlimited in Cary on Saturday, December 5th. Volunteer handlers answered questions for several hours as they displayed the raptors to their audience.


The organization rehabs wild birds that are injured and returns them to the wild. Some birds, perhaps due to injury or too much human contact cannot be put back into the wild and those birds join the Educational Birds. They function on donations. You can donate simply by tying your Food Lion MVP card to them.

While I would love to have gotten these photos of birds in the wild, even photos of captive birds can help us appreciate their beauty and their power and strength. Enjoy the photos!

Beanca Steppe Eagle

Horned Owl





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  1. I accidentally disturbed a wild birds nest. The mother bird built a nest in my bag of top soil and not knowing that she had laid a next and she appears to have about 6 babies in it. I am afraid she wont come back who can I call to possible have someone rescue the baby birds.

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