Twisted in the Wind

, originally uploaded by . I had a wonderful shoot with Carole today. However Mother Nature was very uncooperative. As soon as we stepped bluehost怎么样 outside this morning, not only were we hit with a breath stealing, instant soaking humidity, it started raining on us. All the hard work our stylist Jen put into the […]

F5.6 is the WORST f-stop.

F5.6 is the WORST f-stop.

I’ve not done a tech post in a while, so its about time. There is an old Photojournalist’s saying: “F8 and be there”. Basically in our print film days, if you left your camera on F8 you could snap a pic of something happening without worrying about focus, shutter speed etc. and have a reasonable […]

Pink Umbrella

Pink Umbrella, originally uploaded by Miracle Man. A fun photo from today’s shoot with Whitney! Who Am I 2014 streaming