A reflection of anger…

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I had a chance to work with Cori Lee today as she was looking to get back in front of the camera after a while behind it.

It was a good shoot. Like most of my shoots with models we toss out ideas before hand and have a game plan when we get ready to shoot. Some day’s we just play mix-n-match to see what random craziness we can create.

Well today was kind of a combo of the two. I only had a couple of ideas (two we didn’t get to) and just went with the flow, but about four hours before the shoot I got inspired and put a plan in action.

No one had any fake blood (well for the people showing up for the shoot) and I knew I would have to do some of this in post.

Our shoot was planned outdoors, but this shot needed to look like it was shot in a bathroom. So with the help of a bar in Raleigh, we popped in, shot some pretty photos, then headed to the bathroom to shot this.

It took several takes. Her fist was at the minimum focus distance for my lens so getting the focus alone created some havoc (yea, it was dark). The other 外汇开户 reason, if you know Cori, she doesn’t have a “Pissed off” look specially when we are having fun. Many of the shots ended in giggles rather than anger.

This is a multi-layer Photoshop project. The first step was to take the photo, duplicate the main photo to create the reflection in the mirror. Then it was a matter of layer in the broken glass and blood splatters.

Sometimes I love what I do.

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