Year in Review — The Pretty!

I made my 2011 New Years resolution to shoot less “Pretty” photos and focus more on edgy, controversial, arty photos.  I consider myself partially successful.  I ended up shooting a lot of “Pretty”.  Here’s my favorite pics of the year in the Pretty category.

Pretty Shoot #1.  JennyLyn

I knew starting off the year with pretty wasn’t going to make getting my edgy on very easy.

Jenny was a fun model to work with.  This shoot was done with my close friend Crystal De la Cruz Hopper and was mostly a studio style fashion shoot with a little Film Noir mixed in.

We had a little fun with Strawberries too.

You can see the published set of photos that I uploaded to Flickr here: JennyLyn Set.













Pretty Shoot #2. Kat Schrull

I photographed Kat on a Sunday along with the help of Rob Kinnan.

We started off at Yates Mill Pond and shot around there for most of the shoot.  This shoot was what would be considered an editorial or lifestyle shoot using a mix of casual fashion than she brought with her.

After we explored the features of Yates Mill Pond, we headed to the open fields in front of Dorthea Dix to shoot with the large oak trees and some red fabric.

From there we moved to the Warehouse district in Raleigh to finish out our last couple of looks.

A limited selection of photos from her shoot can be seen in this Flickr set.







Pretty Shoot #3. Danielle Joy


It’s now the end of February and three of my four shoots are classified as pretty.  My ability to make my New Years resolution is starting to not look too good.  But when you work with pretty people, sometimes you get pretty.

Tom Winstead helped me with this shoot, which was all shot within the confines of Bond Park in Cary.

This was again another editorial, lifestyle casual fashion shoot, with this shot as the show piece from the shoot.  We also did some really colorful look with an umbrella and a safari like look as well.

I only uploaded a couple of photos to flickr from the shoot, which wasn’t enough to build a set with though I delivered 17 photos to her from the set.

Pretty Shoot #4 .   Bobbi Tyler and Evan Drahzal Gasster

This shoot was supposed to be with Crystal De la Cruz Hopper, but after several weather postponements we ended up with a date that Crystal could not make.  Tom Winstead and Michelle Saar joined in the shoot.

We shot this at Top Secret Location #2 on a very breezy April day.  We were all a little wind burned and sand blasted before we were done.

We had planned a formal look (Sorry Crystal, this was your idea and I hate you were unable to join us!!) of a couple sneaking out from a party.  Then we moved to more of a casual editorial look and finished up with a “Down on the River” with Bobbi in overalls and a fishing pole.

You can see a bulk of their photos in this flickr photo set.

Pretty Shoot #5, Heather Disney

Weather this spring was a bane to my photography.  Heather and I had planned a lovely outdoor shoot, but Mother Nature would have nothing to do with it.   So along with Tom Winstead and Cawuna Keeling, we decided to not loose the day, but headed to Cawanua’s studio and see what we can make from it.

I really liked how this hat photo turned out.  The planned idea really wasn’t going to work well in a studio, so thankfully Cawanua had a variety of wardrobe bits and props for us to play with.



Pretty Shoot #6. Whitney Reed

I was torn on how to classify this shoot.  My post production put an edge on most of the photos, but it really wasn’t pushing any hard edgy looks.  Some things were a bit edgy, others not.  I ended up shooting Whitney a second time so we will feature that shoot in the other post!

After starting the year being all pretty, its now almost the middle of July before I got back to a pretty shoot.  It felt good pushing the art envelope a bit more and I was feeling better about my resolution!

This shoot was what I called a “Mix and Match” shoot.  In these shoots, the model shows up with stuff and we make plans from there.  We were back to the warehouse district in Raleigh with my friend and excellent photographer Emily Johnson.  Funny story…  she forgot her digital camera cards and had to shoot the day on her TLR film camera.  One of my fav’s of Emily’s is here….

Now that I think about it…. and knowing what Emily got…  This was more of an edgy shoot.  Oh well, this pic is pretty…









Pretty Shoot #7.  Joei Reed Maternity Shoot

Jump ahead to August.  I’ve been wanting to do some maternity photos for a while.  I had one scheduled earlier in the year, but the baby decided to come the day of our shoot and weather postponed another one.

But Thea, daughter of Sketch-n-Shoot favorite Joei Reed cooperated for us and stayed put long enough for us to get this shoot in.

My good friend Will McEwen, let me use his in-home studio for the shoot and shot as well.

Joei had her body done up in Henna tattoo’s for this shoot.  Will and I were under extra pressure because she had shot the weekend before and that shoot was nothing short of stunning.  We had our work cut out for us.  Joei brought her husband David and we got some Mom+Dad+Bump photos as well.  While my goal was to get some portfolio shots, most of the photos are really a private moment for them.  A very limited set of photos from the shoot can be found on my flickr photo stream.

Pretty Shoot #8.  Ari Lane and Rachel Rei

There were a few private shoots, weddings, engagements and bridals that filled out much of my year, so there was considerable pretty.

When I first saw Lane’s portfolio, she had a couple of beauty photos that stood out and I knew she was going to photograph well.  She really had not worked with stylists and with the help of a fantastic stylists, Denise Presnell, Lane’s beauty was brought to life.  The two of them made my work easy.

Lane’s friend and frequent collaborator, Rachel joined us for a fun shoot, but this is my favorite photo to come from the set.

I’m pretty happy with the work for the year. What do you think? What is your favorite?

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