The Year in Review — The Edgy part 2.

Edgy Shoot #11 Fiona Rose Take Two

I think I’ve made a mistake. In looking at the photos from this shoot, they are without a doubt 100% pretty. I should have looked at this set better before posting it.

This time, we took Fiona to meet the wonderful Jen Mathias to take advantage of her excellent hair and makeup artistry. I knew that Jen and Fiona would make some major magic together. It’s really hard to screw up as a photographer when you have a very photogenic model who’s been made to look fantastic.

With everything from a simple sundress to a bright red dress and some cutoffs and a bandanna, we made some beautiful photos that day.

Edgy Shoot #12 Strawberry Sadie

I was bouncing around Model Mayhem one day and came across a model named Strawberry Sadie. Her portfolio was filled with photos of a pretty, bright pink haired model who had a great look to do some funky punk looks. I contacted her and she was excited to shoot, but she warned me. She was now hoping trains and living out of her backpack. She had a shaved head, but was otherwise natural. A hobo.

I really did not know how to take this since I was looking at her pink hair that was now all gone. I thought this could also produce some really edgy photos too, so I went ahead and setup the shoot. Emily Johnson joined me for the shoot, and we figured that we could so some shoots around various hangouts by those who hop trains.

But as karma would have it, every time we got near tracks we had to deal with a train so it became obvious that wasn’t going to happen. We walked around the warehouse district a bit, but I didn’t want to shoot the same “usual suspect” locations. We found a couple of locations and ended back up at the NC State Bell Tower. This ended up being a very interesting shoot.

Edgy Shoot #13 Carole B. Take Two

For this shoot, I got to introduce Carole to Jen Mathias and let Jen work her magic. We had planned some looks with a black tank top, jeans and wanted to do some high key/white background photos with arty poses. Jen got Carole all dolled up and we headed outside to do some field photos.

But Mother Nature would strike again.

It started raining. Every thing Jen had done to Carole’s hair fell right out and we were now dealing with a rain shoot. So we made the best out of it. We had to skip the backdrop based photos since the location where we were going to setup the background was an outdoor carport. We finished up with some indoor photos.

Edgy Shoot #14 Caty Law

Carole B joined Caty and me for an outdoor casual fashion shoot. We hiked to “Super Secret Location #3” to find some rocks and water to pose around and in. This shoot was one where we spent more time hiking and not all that much time shooting.

Edgy Shoot #15 Cori Lee

How can you take someone as pretty as Cori Lee and make something edgy and dark? Well its actually quite easy. She is quite versatile. Of course this shoot was 99% pretty, but my favorite was 100% away from pretty.

I forget what it was that inspired me, but I decided I wanted to do a photo where you saw, from the perspective of a mirror an angry Cori Lee punching the mirror and breaking it. Of course I couldn’t do this for real so it was a good chance to work on my Photoshop Wizardry.

At the end of the shoot, we found a dark bar bathroom and I had her punch the camera, screaming in anger. After a couple of takes I had some workable source photos and it was off to Photoshop to create the final piece. Note the subtle features like Cori’s reflection in the mirror.

Blood, darkness, anger, violence. So wonderfully **NOT** pretty!

Edgy Shoot #16 Emily Johnson

It’s a little hard to call this photo “Not Pretty”. Our goal was to produce some artistic, acrobatic, dance style photos. Emily, a photographer who is tinkering with modeling is also a fitness pole dancer. While we normally think of pole dancing and the erotic dancer industry, there is a strong growth of using the same techniques but for the purpose of fitness instead of erotica. Emily is going quite well in her endeavors and
she has the ability to do the type of photos I was hoping to produce.

We headed out to Bond Park in Cary because I needed a clear sky and I could have her on top of the Bond Lake dam while I shot from a lower angle to get a reasonably clear skyline. We mixed in a couple of other casual fashion looks while we were there.

Luckily, Mother Nature was not playing all that nice this day either, but I was able to take advantage of the cloudy day to alter the mood of the photos. The skies provided me a nice softbox effect instead of the harsh shadows a clear day would have given yet gave me moody texture to work with.

Edgy Shoot #17 “PUNK”

For privacy, we will just identify this non-model as her nickname of “Punk”. This shoot came about from a hair stylist and makeup artist Denise Presnell that I’ve been working with to do a shoot she had envisioned (which we will get to later in this post). Denise is a very creative person and we have been working on some other ideas. She had a friend who had done a limited amount of posing for a friend and she wanted me to photograph her.

Punk is that person. She is quite pretty and photogenic, but as she clearly makes sure you know, she isn’t a model. We started out with couple of sets of pretty that we shot in a small white walled studio. We then put her in a black cocktail dress and headed outside for some outdoor photos. Packing a wine bottle and a fur jacket, we took some classy “post party” photos. But I took this time to also make it look like she partied a bit too much to create a pretty edgy piece.

Edgy Shoot #18 Whitney Reed

My second shoot with Whitney was a planned indoor shoot. With the help of Will McEwen and Emily Johnson, we did a Thanksgiving weekend shoot at Will’s in-home studio. I knew this was going to be a fun shoot when Will pulled out this rather large hand gun. Well it really wasn’t a real gun, but a realistic looking toy gun that was made before the orange tip requirement.

Having the gun changed the tone of the shoot as I chose integrate the gun into the set. Whitney was a willing participant, so with plenty of lighting choices and some funky wardrobe bits and a gun. You can see photos from the set on Flickr!.

Edgy Shoot #19 Fallen Angel

My final shoot of 2011 saw Denise Presenll’s vision of a Fallen Angel shoot come to fruition. With her daughter Haleigh and her friend John Murray, Denise fashioned her artistically styled angel wings and we were ready to do. This shoot was originally planned for October and she wanted to shoot it at the Devil’s Tramping Ground in Chatham County.

When we scouted the location in October, there was way too much foliage in place to ever get a fiery sunset that we wanted. So we decided to push it off until Thanksgiving weekend. Work schedules postponed it until December. Mother Nature interfered with that plan by being too cold to shoot. With everyone getting frustrated over the postponements, we finally caught a break with the unseasonably warm weather after Christmas and a day when everyone was free.

Packing everything up and trucking out to the Devil’s Tramping Ground we headed out and got the shoot finished.

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